Sejda –


Sejda is an online PDF editing platform that has different tools to help you with your PDF tasks such as split, merge or converting PDF. Sejda has about 40 different types of PDF tools available that you can try out for free and if you are satisfied with the results then you can subscribe to one of their premium subscriptions.

If you are having difficulty on how to use a specific tool then there are step-by-step guides available on their website which will help you on how to use that tool to perform a particular function.

When working online on Sejda Web, the whole task is done on a secure connection and files remain secure and after the processing is completed, they are permanently deleted from the website.

Sejda is also available to work offline, with its dedicated app that is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux. With its offline version, all the tools that are found online are available and your files never leave your computer, and you don’t even need an Internet connection to use all those tools.

Sejda Premium

Sejda has different pricing plans to offer, depending on the time of access and the version. The different plans are:

  • Sejda Web Weekly: $5.00/7 days (7 Days access to Sejda Web Only)
  • Sejda Desktop Weekly: $7.95/7 days (7 Days access to Sejda Desktop Only)
  • Sejda Web Monthly: $7.50/month (30 Days access to Sejda Web Only)
  • Sejda Desktop + Web Annually: $5.25/month or $63/year ( Full access to Sejda Web and Sejda Desktop)